Heal 125g

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Origin: Egypt, Nepal

Liquor: Golden, lemon & lime zest, honey, hint of cassia

Ingredients: Calendula Petals, Fennel Seeds, Lemongrass, GingerCitrus notes flourish in this blend that is boosted by mint and anise high notes. Ginger adds a warming balance to this revitalising infusion. Contains restorative (including anti inflammatory anti microbial) properties and Vitamin A, ideal for replacing lost minerals from colds, flus or strenuous exercise.


White Peony 125g

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Origin: Ciaging Co-op, Zheng He, Fujian, China

Liquor: Yellow colour, young peaches, light vegetal and biscuit

The first plump white buds that emerge at the beginning of Spring are plucked, along with two leaves. This is one of the least-processed of all teas, being only sun-dried then lightly baked, creating a delicate flavour and aroma of white flowers and undergrowth. There is both a sweet and refreshing tartness of young peaches, with a biscuity note on the backdrop.