Sanremo CUBE Absolute R


CUBE Absolute R– the new semi-professional one group model from Sanremo Coffee Machines. An object of desire, advanced technology and minimal design in the stylish Sanremo tradition. Thanks to the new colour palette and particular design of the side panels, CUBE offers a great choice for domestic use and branding for the professional market.


Colours |
• Stainless Steel (chrome finish)
• Onyx Black (matte finish)
• Snow White (matte finish)
• Racing Red (gloss finish)
• Azure Blue (gloss finish)
• Candy Pink (gloss finish)
• Matcha Green (gloss finish)
• Yolk Yellow (gloss finish)
(colour selection is subject to availability)


Technical Specifications |
+  CUBE R model
+  Body style: A 
+  1.9L heat exchanger boiler stainless steel AISI 316
+  1.8L internal water tank
+  E61 themosiphon group withmechanical pre-infusion
+  Vibration pump
+  Boiler power 1500W/230Vac – 1300W/120Vac
+  Energy Saving System
+  WiFi connection with Web App
+  Complete set of accessories for user experience
+  Smart water tank design
+  Selectable water supply from internal tank or main line
+  High performance volumetric pump rated 54L/h
+  Digital display

  • Stainless Steel
  • Onyx Black
  • Snow White
  • Racing Red
  • Azure Blue
  • Candy Pink
  • Matcha Green
  • Yolk Yellow

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